Book your SLOTH encounter Today!

Please call for a special sloth encounter – weather permitting – even though the petting zoo is Open Tuesday thru Sunday 10 to 6.

In our sloth encounter, you will get an opportunity to hang out and get close to Mabel, our baby two-toed sloth! Have your camera ready for lots of adorable photos, as well as learn interesting sloth facts.

 All bookings must be made by calling 573-516-3781. If no answer leave message and Sunny will get back with you. So book your encounter and come on out and meet Sunny!

Sloth Encounters are now open Friday Saturday & Sunday – weather permitting! Price for the encounter is $30 per person each, which does not include admission to the PETTING ZOO. An encounter must be booked and paid for in advance. Refunds available with 24-hours notice of cancellation. Please call (573) 516-3781. You cannot book an encounter on Facebook or by calling the petting zoo number.
Sloth Encounter at Critter Lane Petting Zoo
An Encounter will be 25 minutes and a limit of 6 participants at a time. Guest must be at least 6 years old with a guardian for the safety of the guest as well as Mabel. There may be other participants in your encounter experience unless you book a private experience. Family and friends can watch from the outside through the viewing window.

As we always put the well-being of our animals and the safety of our guests, we can not guarantee that you will be able to pet the sloth, but with patience, we will give you the best experience possible. Hand sanitizer must be used before and after the encounter.

Sloth encounters must be booked in advance by calling (573) 516-3781. Call today to find out available days and times. Encounter can not be booked on Facebook or by calling petting zoo phone.

Sloth Encounter at Critter Lane Petting Zoo

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