Reindeer Rental

It’s never early to plan for the holiday season. Cheer up the winter season and bring a smile to the faces of all those you love during holidays with a reindeer rental from Critter Lane Petting Zoo. Each reindeer rental is customized to your event needs based on the time and location, etc. We can supply Santa at an additional cost. 🙂

Please add these enchanting animals to your next event – it will surely be the edge you need to set your business or event above your competition. The presence of live reindeer is always newsworthy for better media coverage. Some examples of how live reindeer rentals are used to enhance an event would be…Awards Benefits, Holiday Events, Tree Lighting Ceremonies, Open Houses, Community Events, Christmas Tree Lots and Nurseries, to name just a few.

The unique presence of live reindeer rentals is a great “attention-getter.” Most people have never seen a live reindeer and many don’t believe they even exist. Renting reindeer may be the element of your marketing plan that draws interest to your event or sets your business apart from the rest.

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